Frequently Asked Questions

   Viva Bank is a private social development bank, operating in the fintech system, headquartered in the city of São Paulo/SP and has as its main objective to promote economic and social development, aimed at granting credit, operating with "competitive rates"thus contributing to the economic, social and environmental development of micro and small enterprises.

   The rating is a credit note given to the individual or legal person based on the evaluation of information on financial health, ability to pay, time of activity, acting niche, among others. Indicates the likelihood of an enterprise or person paying off the financial commitment made until the end of the contract.

   No. Viva Bank does not operate with individuals, foundations or government agencies, only with legal entities (private companies).

   No. Viva Bank does not open a current or savings account, it only has credit lines and financing for legal entities (private companies).

   Viva Bank has no subsidiary. To know the contacts of the representative in your region, please request information by accessing the service channels on the link Contact

   * Viva Bank does not appoint consultants, individuals or legal entities as intermediaries to facilitate, expedite or approve credit operations.

   Private companies, duly incorporated in the segments of industry, commerce, services and agribusiness, among others.

   Yes. Viva Bank can finance business projects throughout the country.

 Projects that aims to:

  • The development and transfer of technology, creation of new products, processes or services, investments in infrastructure, research and development, incorporating technological gains or innovative processes, aiming to increase the competitiveness of companies in addition to promoting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy generation and energy efficiency;
  • Goods and services related to agriculture, livestock and fisheries activities, including construction, expansion, increase of storage capacity, promoting modernisation, increasing competitiveness;
  • Construction, expansion, modernization, increased productive capacity and relocation of enterprises and contributing to development, supporting integration, structuring and increased competitiveness;
  • Infrastructure improvement through projects that aim to contribute to the generation of employment and income, the reduction of social inequalities and the improvement of living conditions of the population.

   Yes, the implantation projects can be financed in up to 70% of the financed investments to be carried out, being necessary the proof of the counterpart of own resources of at least 30%, as well as the presentation of economic and financial viability project, and sufficient guarantees to cover the risk of the transaction.

  To begin the relationship with Viva Bank, the company must submit a request through and await the return of the responsible sector.

  All projects presented must be framed in the following tripod: generation of employment and income, economic-financial viability and environmental sustainability, and still have the minimum requirements, such as:

  • Submit ability to pay;
  • Be up to date with tax, tributary and social obligations;
  • Submit satisfactory registration;
  • Proof of the availability of own resources needed to carry out the undertaking and sufficient guarantees;
  • Environmental regularity, depending on the requested funding;
  • Have sufficient guarantees to cover the risk of the operation;
  • Delivery of information and basic documentation for the framework and subsequent analysis of the viability of the financingo;
  • Not being in a regime of judicial, extrajudicial or bankruptcy recovery.
  • Expenditure on civil works and renovations, including materials and installations;
  • Purchase of machinery and equipment, including computer equipment;
  • Furniture and utensils;
  • Software acquisition;
  • Expenses with technological and quality and productivity training projects, including training and computerization;
  • Cash-Flow associated with the financed investment;
  • Among others.
  • Saunas and spas;
  • Enterprise and projects that lead to degradation and that do not comply with environmental preservation laws;
  • Purchase of passenger and light vehicles;
  • Mining enterprises, whose mining process is rudimentary or mining;
  • Corporate restructuring, such as merger, incorporation and spin-off;
  • Residential buildings, residence hotels and subdivisions;
  • Arms trade;
  • Enterprises that use slave or child labor.

   All financing requests are subject to the collection of Credit Opening - Request / Framework / Feasibility Analysis. Viva Bank has competitive rates which are defined according to the credit lines available, following specific criteria, such as: segment and size of the company, payment capacity, types of guarantees offered, well-financed, company rating, among others; The tariff table is available at the electronic address: Rates of Services Credit Companies.

   The guarantees will be required according to the design and analysis. For financing above R $ 1 million, collateral will be required, which may be: mortgage, fiduciary sale of assets, pledge, surety, guarantee funds, fiduciary assignment, among others.

   The deadline for release will depend a lot on the company's agility, considering that the speed in providing the requested documentation is a determining factor for the speed with which the financing request process will be processed. The time for granting the financing depends on the complexity of the proposal submitted in addition to the availability of information about the company and the object to be financed, as well as the project submitted and subsequent approval by the credit committee.

   The release of resources will take place after finding the legality of the contract, legitimized by the opinion of the legal department and according to the schedule of investments and disbursements, according to the projected investments and physical financial schedule for operations that record investments in civil constructions or purchases of machinery and/or equipment. The credit release is conditional on the opinion of the engineering unit or agent authorized by Viva Bank, after physical inspection of the works. It will be necessary for the company to present the tax documents proving the expenses made. For each release, the company is obliged to make the planned investments, always providing anticipation and proportionally the own resources provided, also proving the installment already released of the financing.

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