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Viva Bank


    Viva Bank's objective is to offer technical and financial solutions to foster the development of companies by offering differentiated credit lines, according to the allocation of resources, socioeconomic profile and needs of each company.

   Did you know that here at Viva Bank you can get your projects off the paper and grow your business?

   Viva Bank has the best financing fees and deadlines, whether for implementation, expansion, modernization projects, among others.


   Credits will be awarded for projects in the following areas:

checked  Innovation;

checked Farming and Fishing;

checked Renewable Energy;

checked Private Infrastructure;

checked Investments.

checked Working capital associated with the investment, regardless of size, is limited to up to 30% of the total amount financed.

Contracting Conditions:

  • Apply for funding online by visiting: Register;
  • Send letter of funding request on company letterhead with signature of the manager / responsible;
  • Pay Credit Opening Fee - Request / legal framework / Feasibility Analysis;

How Viva Bank Works:




  • General conditions subject to change without early warning.
  • Contracting is subject to resource availability and compliance with credit line requirements.
  • Credit approval will take into consideration items such as registration, credit / solvency analysis of the company, document analysis, legal framework, analysis of the financial viability of the project, among others.
  • All projects must be within a legal Framework and by the following tripod: generation of employment and income, economic and financial viability and environmental sustainability.

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