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        Viva Bank is a private, social development bank, operating in the fintech system, based in the city of São Paulo / SP and its main objective is to promote economic and social development, focused on the granting of credit, operating with “taxa competitive.”

    Promoting development, generating jobs and income for all and in all regions means stimulating investment, which is the typical function of a development bank. Viva Bank is like this, a social bank that has exclusive financing lines for micro and small businesses, either in the city or in the countryside.”

Mission: “To promote economic and social development, targeted and sustainable, through the supply of products and services to micro and small enterprises”.

Vision: “To be a reference in its area of ​​activity for the agility, flexibility and professionalism”.

Know what we have to offer! Credit with the best rates in the market, in the best conditions!

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    The technical competence and the experience of the team is one of the main factors of Viva Bank differentiation. The profile of our people is reflected in our dynamism, innovation capacity and technical competence.

    The VivaBank has a streamlined organizational structure to facilitate integration into decision-making processes, always aiming to provide our clients with the best solutions, encourage entrepreneurship and the proactivity of our employees, making sure the ethics and integrity of our Corporation..


     O Viva Bank possui em seu portfólio produtos e serviços sob medida para as diferentes estratégias e necessidades de cada empresa atendida.

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